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I am a Certified Tarot Reader and I have been reading professionally for several years. I can help you gain insight and clarity into practically every situation you can bring to light. The Universe isnt limited by human constraints, so anything is possible! I offer intuitive, insightful, practical readings in a down to earth and straight forward manner. I strive to be compassionate, warm and positive and I genuinely care about my clients. 

My philosophy is one of co-creation. I want to use the Tarot to help you identify not only your challenges, but also your strengths and even your blind spots and then navigate them with you...offering ideas and possible solutions along the way. By the end of a reading, my goal is to leave you feeling educated about the truth of the matter and empowered to make the necessary choices to manifest your best possible outcome for your situation. 

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Reviews for Tarot By Bekah




Bekah drew me in instantly. She signs all of her emails "love" which made me feel like I could trust her. I, too, try to navigate this universe with a unifying love and I could feel her warmth all the way across the nation. What she saw in my cards was not all warm fuzzy either. She didn't try to sugar coat anything, and I really appreciate it. I found myself re reading her word over and over again and occasionally crying. I've heard that when the cards really need to tell you something, they speak with absolute clarity. I believe that Bekah's insight into the tarot helped me to gain that. She brought me clarity and strength to take the next step in my career. Thank you so very much for all of your help!



I asked Bekah to do a 5 card reading regarding my business and she was spot on! It allowed me to make decisions that will help me build my business and my life in great ways.



I just wanted to message you and let you know that everything happened as you had advised. I hoped you would be wrong and I put in the effort and attention to the relationship so that it would be successful, unfortunately a few days before I was to move I confronted him about my feelings that he has been withdrawing from the relationship and he told me that he had this idea in his head of what our relationship would be like and I was not living up to that expectation. You truly have a wonderful gift and I hope you are about to guide many others to a happy and successful life. Thank you! 

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What you can expect from a reading with Bekah


  • Readings are done via email unless another method is requested. 
  • My turnaround time is 1-3 business days as I generally do not do readings on the weekend. 
  • I prefer a ”selfie” prior to your reading to allow me to connect to your personal energy more easily, but they are not required 
  • Photos of the reading are included in the email
  • I only answer one topic or question per card drawn
  • The more detail I have about your situation prior to your reading, the let me hear it all! 
  • I do not share any personal information about a reading with anyone other than the client
  • I am not able to give concrete details about the future but I do receive general insights and help you best navigate what I see coming. (ex. I can't tell you the date of your wedding, but I can tell you that you could begin a relationship in the near future and how to make it into the relationship you dream of) 
  • I am always available after a reading for any questions, clarifications or concerns

My Code of Ethics

  •  I do not provide solely predictive Tarot readings. It is my belief that the future is created by the collective actions and choices of every person in the world and is in constant flux and as such cannot be accurately foretold.
  •  I will not read for any person under the age of 16 without parental consent.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any reading if the nature of the question is unsuited to my style of reading after attempts to rephrase the question have been unproductive. 
  • I do not perform readings pertaining to the thoughts, feelings, ideas or choices of another person who is not party to the reading itself. (eg. "Is my relationship with Brad going to end?" is acceptable. "How does Brad feel about our relationship?" is not.) 
  • I do not give readings regarding medical or mental health conditions or instructing on legal matters. I am a Tarot Reader, not a lawyer or a doctor.
  • I do not share client personal or contact information, or information contained in a reading with anyone outside of the TarotByBekah team.

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