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Bekah drew me in instantly. She signs all of her emails "love" which made me feel like I could trust her. I, too, try to navigate this universe with a unifying love and I could feel her warmth all the way across the nation. What she saw in my cards was not all warm fuzzy either. She didn't try to sugar coat anything, and I really appreciate it. I found myself re reading her word over and over again and occasionally crying. I've heard that when the cards really need to tell you something, they speak with absolute clarity. I believe that Bekah's insight into the tarot helped me to gain that. She brought me clarity and strength to take the next step in my career. Thank you so very much for all of your help!



I just wanted to message you and let you know that everything happened as you had advised. I hoped you would be wrong and I put in the effort and attention to the relationship so that it would be successful, unfortunately a few days before I was to move I confronted him about my feelings that he has been withdrawing from the relationship and he told me that he had this idea in his head of what our relationship would be like and I was not living up to that expectation. You truly have a wonderful gift and I hope you are about to guide many others to a happy and successful life. Thank you! 



I asked Bekah to do a 5 card reading regarding my business and she was spot on! It allowed me to make decisions that will help me build my business and my life in great ways.

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