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Get to know Bekah

In the course of a Tarot reading, I end up getting to know you in a pretty personal way. I absolutely LOVE that part of my job and wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know me a little better too. 

Some basics about me:

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite Crystal: All of them! 😂 

Seriously though, Blue Lace Agate or Chrysocolla.

Favorite Tarot Card: This is harder than favorite crystal! 

High Priestess or Page of Cups

Favorite Color: Sparkly Rainbows

Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast (the animated version) and Trolls

Favorite Musical Genre: Classical 

Favorite Meal: Its a toss up between chicken tenders with mac and cheese and broccoli 

or chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and cream gravy and green beans

Dogs or Cats: Dogs

Winter or Summer: Winter

Science or Math: Science

Tea or Coffee: both 


About Me as a Tarot Reader

I provide online tarot and oracle readings on almost any question you can imagine

Tarot By Bekah started with me giving readings from my chair to my BFF and I realized I LOVED helping her solve her problems, big or small, using the cards combined with my intuition. I needed a work from home business model because while the Universe saw fit to give me intuitive vision, I was not blessed with adequate physical vision, making a 9-5 typical job practically impossible. Reading tarot and giving my energy in each and every reading, really allows me to be my best self and I enjoy it immensely. This truly is my dream career (although, if I was doing it from my dream beach house, it would improve that 😂)

I am a Certified Tarot Reader and have been reading professionally for several years. 

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What do YOU need to know to live your best life?

That’s the question I answer for you in your readings. It might be a question about love, money, your career or even your dog...or maybe you arent quite sure what it is you want to know and you just need guidance, I can do that too! 

In the end, I want to help you feel like you have a clearer sense of how to navigate whatever situation you are in, to create the best possible outcome. I see my role as a tarot reader as a sort of intuitive life coach, getting insights from the Universe and interpreting them to be the most helpful for you for your life path. I’m not a “fortune teller” so I dont know the name of your future husband or the date of your death, but I do know how to help you become the most attractive version of yourself, so the Universe conspires to bring you your perfect mate! 

I am also able to work with you to ask the perfect questions so that we get exactly what you need from every reading, every time. I am available for questions or concerns even after your reading is complete, because my goal is for you to walk away from a reading with me with new insights, ideas, a sense of purpose and most of all hope for your future. Believe it or not, my heart is truly invested in each and every reading and I want to see you happy and successful. 

It’s your time to shine!

Let’s get down to business, and defeat the Huns! (damn Disney songs, now is NOT the time! 😂) What I actually wanted to say was...let’s get down to business and you can start living the life you were meant to live. I want to help you be your best self, and so does the Universe! I’m open to conversations before a reading too, if you need to get clear on what it is you are looking for in your readings. The more you know about what you are looking for and can communicate that to me, the better the reading will be. So I’m ready, are you? 

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